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Cynthia Raschke

Certified Nutrition Trainer

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Cynthia “Cyd” Raschke is a Certified Nutrition Trainer with a life-long passion for delicious food and holistic nutrition. Her approach is “Feast, Fast, Feed”: feast on holidays which are important to you; fast a little if your body senses it needs a break from challenging ingredients; and feed yourself nourishing and tasty meals on a daily basis.

After a career in human resources, Cyd received her certification in nutrition training from Precision Nutrition, Inc. Her PhD in research psychology serves as an asset for reviewing studies about diet to determine the soundness of their conclusions. Cyd helps clients learn how to choose foods that are as natural as possible within a busy lifestyle, and encourages people to fully enjoy life’s seasonal celebrations.

Nutritional Resources

Team Beachbody Website Team Beachbody Website

At-Home Fitness & Nutrition Programs

Team Beachbody has many resources for at-home fitness programs, weight loss, and a support network for people looking to kick start a healthy lifestyle.

Popular programs include PiYo, 21 Day Fix, P90X, T-25, Les Mills Combat, Cize, Insanity and 3-Day Refresh. Workouts are available via on-demand or DVDs.

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Nutrition Shakes

Shakeology is a premier nutrition shake that contains superfoods from around the world sourced through fair trade practices. This supplement was created when it became clear that our society’s food supply could no longer provide the nutrition people need for daily life, and as a result their immune systems were slowly becoming compromised.

Some of the important nutrients contained in Shakeology are high-quality proteins, antioxidants from super-fruits, phytonutrients from super-greens, plant-derived digestive enzymes and probiotics.

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Team Beachbody Website

Clean Eating BootCamp

Ultimate Reset is a clean eating boot-camp for people who are serious about and committed to making an immediate, positive change in their wellness.

This program involves three weeks of following specific meal plans, learning plant-based recipes, and taking supplements that provide an inner-body tune up. Participants lose an average of 8 pounds, and experience gentle, natural cleansing of toxins, restoring the body’s tissues and digestive system to a healthy state, and returning the metabolism to its maximum efficiency. In a word, Beachbody Ultimate Reset is transformative.

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